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Tomato Wars


The messiest, annual event that everyone is talking about at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Fest is the TOMATO WARS! At this must see event, teams of 5 go head to head in a dodgeball style tournament to be this year's champs. However, instead of rubber balls, they'll be throwing rotten tomatoes!

Additionally, we'd like to invite each team to come up with a theme and to dress up in fun, family friendly costumes.

Register below if you'd like to enter your team in the tournament. Each team member will receive safety goggles to use during the event and all the tomatoes you can throw.
Tournament participants must be at least 15 years old and have a completed waiver. Waivers are NOT available at the event. No waiver means no participation.

After the tournament is over, there will be a time of free play for our younger tomato tossers to get in on the action at no cost to the participants.

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