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Tomato Wars

The Tomato War dates back to the first Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival in 1965. 

 Friday, August 5  at 6:00 pm on Davidson Drive. 

The messiest, annual event that everyone is talking about at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Fest is the TOMATO WARS!

At this must see event, you will watch as teams of 5 go head to head in a dodgeball style tournament to be this year's champs. However, instead of rubber balls, they'll be throwing tomatoes!

Additionally, we'd like to invite each team to come up with a theme and to dress up in fun, family friendly costumes.

 Registration is $25 per team. Each team member will receive to safety goggles to use during the event and all the tomatoes you can throw. All proceeds will be donated to the Mid-Ohio Market at HEART. Tournament participants must be at least 15 years old.

After the tournament is over, there will be a time of free play for our younger tomato tossers to get in on the action at no cost to the participants.

(No registration required. Waivers must be completed by parent/guardian on site.)


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