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Rules and Regulations Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival



Here are few rules and regulations that we ask everyone to adhere to:

  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises at any time for any reason, including inappropriate conduct, foul language, horseplay or any other disruptive behavior. Any offenders may face legal action from security and local police. No refund will be offered if removed from the grounds.

  • No roller blades, skateboards, hover boards, etc. inside the Tomato Festival

  • No drones

  • No fireworks

  • No pets on grounds. (However, service animals are not pets. If someone states that his/her dog is a service animal, it can stay).

  • No soliciting without official permit from the Tomato Festival.

  • No video recording equipment

  • No laser pointers

  • No pop-up tents

  • No sticks or poles of any kind

  • No signs that could obstruct other guests' view

  • No alcoholic beverages can be brought onto the grounds.

  • No personal coolers can be brought onto the grounds.

  • Bags subject to inspection

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